Our turnkey data publishing services are a good fit for:

  • Trade associations that intend to further their role as the hub of their industry.
  • Brands that need to reach business decision makers or niche educated audiences and realize there’s more to content marketing than funny blog posts.
  • Publishers, including trade publications but also business/finance, national, and local titles, that want to inject data journalism into their editorial mix.


All Your Data-Driven Publishing Needs,

Sourcing, curation, and production to extend your team

In coordination with your editorial and/or marketing teams, we create white-label data-based assets for you by:

  1. Sourcing and curating data from primary and secondary sources, following strict editorial standards. Our multilingual and multicultural team is able to tap global sources not just in English but also in several other languages including Spanish, Portuguese and French.
  2. Creating top-notch graphics, data tables, and spreadsheets carrying your brand.

You can re-use and embed these “units of content” in a variety of ways, including on your website, email newsletters, social media, or in print publications. We typically upload these files to the cloud service, ftp server, or CMS media gallery of your choice.

Hosted online platform to provide Visualization As A Service

For those customers most committed to establishing their data footprint, we can create a whole website dedicated to these data streams and visualizations. This is again done under your brand, typically as a subdomain (e.g. data.yourbrand.com) that looks similar to your main website.

In this case we take care of the following tasks, in addition to our editorial services:

  1. Creating a mobile-friendly responsive website and/or email newsletter for your data content.
  2. Categorizing and publishing your data-based content assets in that platform.
  3. Providing ongoing dedicated web hosting.

This full-fledged solution delivers your data-based content to your readers with minimal involvement from your busy tech and design teams. You benefit from having a new channel or section under your brand whose rich visual content attracts and engages executive audiences.