The healthcare industry is undergoing great change, driven by many of the forces that we cut our teeth coveringĀ in the marketing world: the rise of digital and mobile; technology innovation; and an increasingly consumer-centric model.

We at Needle Stacker are particularly excited to help healthcare executives chart the course (pun intended) of this changing industry, surfacing the data and visualizing the trends shaping healthcare as it further evolves.

Sample Datasets:

  • Millennials’ Interest in Mobile Healthcare Services
  • Preference for Generic vs. Name-Brand Prescription Drugs, by Generation
  • Connected Health Device Activations Forecast
  • How Patients Engage With Healthcare Practitioners
  • Patients’ Doctor Selection Considerations
  • The Demographics of EHR Non-Adopters
  • Importance to Patients of Doctors Disclosing Pharma Ties
  • Healthcare Brands’ Email Marketing Benchmarks
  • Consumer Satisfaction with Health Insurance Carriers
  • OTC Purchase Influencers and OTC Spending, by Generation
  • Seniors’ Interest in Digital Healthcare Services
  • Healthcare Brands’ Interaction Rates on Social Media
  • Consumer Sensitivity to Data Privacy Concerns
  • Pharma’s Online Marketing Efforts Measured by Offline Conversions
  • Online Healthcare Content Consumption, by Channel and Device
  • Consumer Attitudes to Health and Wellness
  • Pharma Industry Reputation Ratings and Trends
  • Consumers’ Leading Health Information Sources
  • Seniors’ Lack of Trust in Pharma Sites
  • Top Medical and Health Information Websites, by Demographic
  • Healthcare Cloud Computing Market Forecast
  • Venture Capital Investments in Digital and Mobile Health

Plus many more from hundreds of private research sources and annual government surveys covering diseases and vital statistics, health expenditures, payment sources, and others.

Sample Charts