We Turn Raw Data Into Insightful Visualizations

We find and vet industry-relevant data then chart it in a clean, consistent and easily digestible manner.


First Things First: Why Use Data & Visualization?

We believe that the ultimate constraint facing professionals is time. In an ever-growing ocean of digital content, publishing always more “by the word” is not the answer. Visual data is a way to compress as much valuable information as possible without wasting the reader’s time. Graphics can thus enhance your existing articles and newsletters by increasing their information density while becoming even more digestible and readable.

To best serve your readers, we always favor clean, crisp and digestible charts over fancy and glossy ones. Convinced that less is more, we shun gratuitous effects such as 3D on 2D charts or purely aesthetic gradients, in order to let the data speak for itself. It doesn’t mean boring ugly charts! But form should serve function and substance rather than be pursued for itself.

In other words our service is not about cute infographics chasing random clicks, but rather information-packed charts and data tables that will go right to the heart of the issues your core audience cares about. This will let your articles stand out right from the start in a media environment flooded with stock photography.

A Well-honed Methodology to Find, Curate, and Visualize Data

Our process starts with rigorous editorial standards focused on identifying truly reliable and relevant data sources and series of value to your audience. This typically includes governmental and regulatory agencies as well as private market research companies. We filter data based on newsworthiness and trustworthiness so that only the good stuff gets started.

All the graphics we create on behalf of our clients feature their logo and brand as well as the primary data source. A common color scheme is derived from your brand or website, with a focus on contrast and legibility. We produce charts based on your specific specifications so that you may use them not just online but also across media, from print publications to mobile apps.

Making the Sum Worth More Than the Parts

Not only do you get an ongoing stream of branded charts that you can use however you want, but we can also help you build up a dedicated data hub of lasting value for your audience.