We are strong proponents of vertical-specific media, which has a strong, useful, and influential role to play in the business ecosystem, and in our experience is heavily used by business executives and decision-makers. Our services are specifically positioned to set you apart from your competitors, establishing a new presence that is unique to your market.

Moreover, we’ve crafted our services so that you can provide the biggest impact to your readers, covering their preferred content types including articles, research reports, data visualizations and social media posts.


We understand that each sector has its own idiosyncrasies. Some are more transparent than others, sometimes because they’re dominated by large public companies, in other cases because regulation or consumer pressure have led to the availability of public data.

We are experienced in jumping into new sectors and quickly find out where to source data, all the while leveraging our finely tuned sourcing and vetting processes. We are excited to dive into new industries, and already have experience in several, including:

  • Healthcare;
  • Energy;
  • Defense;
  • Retail;
  • CPG;
  • Media; and
  • Marketing